Effective, High-Quality Websites

Meijun’s approach to website development is creating beauty with purpose, on the front- and backend. And nothing is more beautiful to us than a highly functional, usable, secure, and private website.

Our collective experience branches across many web platforms, with a focus on leveraging WordPress as the gold standard of content management systems. WordPress is not only SEO friendly, flexible, and easy to update, but it also gives us the opportunity to build in an extra layer of stability to protect brand and visitor privacy.

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Enterprise Solutions

Meijun is experienced in developing secure databases and enterprise portals for healthcare and other organizations that require extensive privacy and permissions protocols, such as being fully compliant with policies and regulations, like HIPAA.

We have the supply chain necessary to incorporate and procure hardware and software in order to solve today’s pressing problems.

Application Development

Need an app for Apple iPhone (iOS), Android, Windows, or other digital platform? Meijun has extensive experience developing user-friendly applications and integrating them where needed, from websites to wearables to enterprise portals. All of our work is completed in California using up-to-date best practices and programming techniques.

Managed Services

In today’s business environment, being proactive is more cost-effective. When your technology operations are well managed, and you’ll have more time to focus on what is important. Your brand, your customers and your other operations. Allow us to help you manage your day-to-day. Don’t wait until there is a problem; because problems don’t wait until you’re ready.


We Believe

  • Your security and privacy are #1.
  • Your independence is important; we give you the keys.
  • Solving problems early, help you prevent problems in the future.
  • Technology process should be transparent.

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